Zhang Xiaogang: China Has Become the Largest Contributor to International Standardisation Over the Past Five Years


During the “Forum for the Development and Management of Science Associations”, hosted during the 22nd Annual Conference of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) held in Beijing, Zhang Xiaogang, former chair of ISO and of the Word Steel Association, stated that all countries around the world recognise that China has, over the past five years, made the largest contributions to international standardisation.

Specifically, in his speech titled “International standardisation leads the high-quality development of China’s science associations”, Zhang pointed out: “Since 2000, alongside with rapid economic development and the increasingly higher global status of China’s manufacturing industry, China has always been vocal in the development of international rules. So far, China has led the development of 495 international standards, a number largely exceeding the 395 standards originally planned to be finished by 2020”. Nonetheless, despite these efforts, China still lags far behind developed countries in this area. According to statistics, among all international standards ever developed, those led by the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan occupy 90-95% of the total, while those led by the other 170 countries only account for 5% of the total; the proportion of international standards led by China has expanded from 0.7% six years ago, to 1.8% today.