WTO makes public 4 TBT Notifications of Chinese Standards


On June 17, 2020, SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) (Standardization Administration of the P.R.C.) notified WTO about 4 national standards.

No. Standard Name Content
1 Administrative Measures for Production and Manufacture of Civil UAS This measure stipulates the safety requirements for production and manufacture of civil UAS.
2 Implementation Rules for the Management of Road Motor Vehicle Product Series This document specifies implementation rules for the management of road motor vehicle product series.
3 Assessment Measure of New Technology, New Craft and New Material for the Market Access of Road Motor Vehicle Products This document specifies assessment method of new technology, new craft and new material for the market access of road motor vehicle product.
4 National Standard of the P.R.C., Gauge for Standard Gauge Railways- Part 1: Rolling Stock Gauge This part specifies the rolling stock gauge of 1435mm standard gauge railway.

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According to relevant WTO agreements, each member, when developing or revising the existing technical regulations, compulsory standards or conformity assessment procedures and measures, must submit a notification report to the WTO Secretariat 60 days before approval if the regulations, standards and measures are not consistent with the international standards or may have obvious influence to other member states. This is to give enterprises of other member states enough time to evaluate their profit and decide their business activities. Emergency TBT notifications may take place at the same time as the regulations, standards or measures enter into force without a period for comment from other member states, provided that the notification justifies the emergency measures. In addition to communication, the notification system also provides a platform for technical coordination.

By Haley WU on June 19, 2020