Top-runner Implementation Scheme on Enterprise Standards (Trial)

20 February, CNIS (China National Institute of Standardization) released “implementation plan on top-runner of enterprises standards” (trial). CNIS has been assigned as work institution to implement detailed assessment according to relevant notices of SAMR in 2018. CNIS takes responsibility to organize experts committee and develop related rules, establish and operate information platform to publish uniformly top-runner list periodically.

Background and current development

On 3rd July, 2018, SAMR and other seven administrations jointly released “Opinions on implementing the top-runner Rules for Enterprise Standard (No.84:2018)”. The opinions outlined clearly guidelines, general principles and the fostering targets of main consumption goods, equipment manufacturing and productive services etc.. Top-runner scheme of enterprise standards is the positive policy to increase the effective supply of high-quality products and services through leading standards.   

Based on the self-declaration of enterprise standards, the scheme would play a leading role in the market and encourage the third party institutions to assess enterprise standard level, and then comes into publishing enterprise standard rankings, and identify top-runner of enterprise standard.

Up to now, the 2018 top-runner list covering 13 products categories in 11 areas has been released, includes a total of 51 companies, 60 enterprises standards, and 119 product types.