TC28’s Subcommittee 42 on Artificial Intelligence Established in Beijing


On 6 August 2020, the kick-off meeting and first plenary meeting of the Subcommittee 42 on Artificial Intelligence of SAC’s National Technical Committee 28 on Information Technology (SAC/TC28 SC42), was held in Beijing. More than 70 experts from various artificial intelligence (AI) fields, including production, education, research, and application, attended the meeting in person; they were joined by 300 other experts who participated via online platforms.

SAC/TC28 SC42, as the mirror committee of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 42, is mainly responsible for the development and revision of AI-related standards, which cover AI basics, technology, risk management, trustworthiness, governance, products and applications. During the meeting, a general working group was established; four research groups were also established for models and algorithms, chips and systems, products and services, and trustworthiness.

The charter of the subcommittee and its work plan were also reviewed. In 2020, the main activities of SAC/TC28 SC42 will be to:

  • Improve organisational building and management, including the establishment of an e-mail account where public comments on the working group will be received; as well as the finalisation of the Subcommittee’s online platform, logo, and procedures for recruiting members;
  • Continue research and development of AI standards, especially on AI graph and framework. Initiate proposals for standards on AI evaluation models
  • Complete research on new infrastructure, and finalise the first draft of the research report by December 2020;
  • Strengthen international cooperation, particularly with ISO and IEC. Accelerate the conversion of national standards into international standards.

By Haley WU on 27 August