SESEC Roundtable Meeting about Concerning Issues in Standardization

On July 5, 2019, SESEC convened a Standards Roundtable Meeting with more than 10 experts, scholars, andrepresentatives from enterprises and standardization bodies who attended themeeting.

The meeting, which was divided into three parts, was mainly about concerning issues and hot topics in standardizationduring the past few months. Miss LIU Jin from GIZ firstly reviewed the Germany-China standardization cooperation. And then Betty Xu from SESEC gave abrief introduction about the EU-China standards hot topics. Before the attendees discussed other related initiatives, Standardization Directors from Daimler AG, Siemens, VDMA, EUCCC and other industries shared their views on therecent concerning issues from European and US industries.

After the discussion of the work distribution of different working teams in GIZ, the participants made clear the current status of the ongoing association standards and enterprise standards and also “China Standardization 2035”. The changes andinfluences of the US-China trade tensions on standardization were alsoexamined.

The meeting provided a platform for the participants to exchange up-to-date information, which deepened their understandingon the ever changing standardization system, so that they could take measures to lower the risks in the future.