SESEC IV Launches Webinar on the CCC Reform in China


On January 17, SESEC held a webinar for “What has changed for China’s CCC during the last 18 months” in its Beijing office. Dr. Betty XU, director of the SESEC project, introduced the development of China’s CCC reform within the past 18 months, summarized the major changes, and analyzed the impacts these changes would bring about to overseas stakeholders. Around 180 overseas stakeholders registered for the webinar, of which 81% were from the EU. Among the EU registrants, 77% were from industry and 11% from SDOs.

The SESEC project has always been devoted to facilitating European standardization stakeholders’ understanding of China’s distinct systems. CCC is a basic market access system for products related to health, safety and environmental protection. In the past two years, the system has gone through a substantial reform, which has had remarkable impacts on business. SESEC organized the webinar on China’s CCC to help European stakeholders gain a comprehensive view on this reform. In the future, SESEC will keep selecting standardization hot topics and organize webinars to introduce and analyze them for European stakeholders. We are also looking forward to your kind suggestions to help improve our webinars.