SAMR/SAC: Improve the development procedure for national standards


On 13 May, SAMR and SAC held a press conference to inform the public about the reform of national standard formulation/revision procedures. The following measures will be taken to improve the openness and participation of national standards projects.

  1. to solve the difficulties in proposing national standards projects, TC members will be empowered to submit national standard projects via the National Standard Formulation/Revision System. If a proposal gets support from five or more members, a review and a vote by the whole committee shall be done to deal with the proposal.
  2. to solve the problem of openness of standard setting process, an open platform for public opinions will be established. In the stage of calling for comments, drafters of national standards shall solicit opinions via not only original comment solicitation channels, but the National Standard Formulation/Revision System.

In addition, a series of important national standards were released in the conference:

  1. GB/T 22239-2019 Information security technology — Baseline for classified protection of cybersecurity;
  2. GB/T 24358-2019 Classification and planning fundamental requirements of logistics center;
  3. GB/T 37706-2019 Installation and operation technical requirements of tail lifts for vehicle;
  4. GB/T 6968-2019 Diaphragm gas meters;
  5. GB/T 37507-2019 Guidance on project management;
  6. GB/T 37422-2019 Method and criteria for green packaging assessment.