SAMR published the Priority fields of the 2019 Enterprise Standards “Top Runners” Project


On 28 May of 2019, SAMR published the Notice of the Priority fields of the 2019 Enterprise Standards “Top Runners” Project. Publication of the priority fields is the first step for implementing the 2019 “top runners” project. 100 products and services been included in the priority fields.


In 2017 the General Office of the State Council published the Notice on Issuing the Division of the key tasks for Implementation of the Plan for Deepening the reform of standardization work (2017-2018). According to this notice, to further liberalize the enterprise standards, China started to develop and implement the enterprise standards “top runners” project.,

The Enterprise Standards “Top Runners” refers to the enterprises with higher level core indicators of their products or services standards than other enterprises. Standardization Law of China encourages the public disclosure of enterprise standards through the standard information public service platforms. The “top-runners” project is based on the disclosure and supervision of self-discipline of the enterprise standards for products and services. The enterprise standards in the “top runners” project all come from the enterprise standards published on the Enterprise Standard Information Public Service Platform.

Normally there are 4 steps in the “top runners” project. First, the priority fields of the “top-runners” project shall be decided by the relevant government departments. Then, to carry out the assessment of all the enterprise standards, China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) will collect the names of the third-party assessment agencies. The agencies chosen will be in charge of establishing the assessment mechanisms and carrying out the assessment process of the enterprise standards. After the assessment, the list of “top runners” will be published.


2019 is the second year of the “top runners” project. This project is still under development. In 2018, there were 11 products which had been included in the priority fields for which a total number of 53 enterprises were designated with the title of “top runners”. Given that the number of products in the priority field will rise to 100 for 2019 it is certain that the Chinese government will expand the scope of “top runners” project and therefore more assessment agencies and enterprises will be included.


For the enterprises who are elected to be the top runners, it would be conducive for them to build brands and improve the market share of those enterprises with their excellent products and services. The results of the evaluation of the “top runners” project will be accepted by Chinese government. During the government procurement, products from “top runners” enterprises would be preferred by Chinese government. A fund for “top runners” enterprises will be built by Chinese government and the “top runners” enterprises will get credit support.

As the standing institution for the work on enterprise standards “top-runners” CNIS now start to identify the relevant assessment agencies and establish the assessment mechanism for the 2019 “top runners” projects.