SAC/TC 20 revises boiler energy efficiency standard


On June 14, SAC/TC20 (Energy Efficiency) held a conference in Beijing to review the revised draft of GB 24500 The minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades of industrial boilers.  The draft went through the technical review.

China has a large quantity of industrial boilers with a wide distribution, leading to high energy consumption and heavy pollution. China remains lagged behind developed countries in energy conservation and pollution control at large, which shows a huge potential in energy conservation and emission reduction. By the end of 2018, there are 403,900 boilers in China, including 396,000 industrial boilers which consumed nearly 540 million tons of raw coal in 2017, accounting for 20% of the total coal consumption.

In recent years, the State Council, some ministries and local governments have introduced several regulations to improve the energy efficiency of industrial boilers and lower the emission, such as “Circular of the State Council on Issuing the Plan for Air Pollution Prevention” and “Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Improvement Project of Coal-fired Boilers Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection”, etc. In the meantime, China has also released a series of policies on clean energy, renewable energy and further use of the waste energy, coal-to-gas and coal-to-electricity, etc, all of which promoted the rapid development of gas-fired boilers, biomass boilers and waste heat boilers and electric boilers.

Being first released in 2009, the GB 24500 had played an important role in improving the energy efficiency of coal-fired industrial boilers. But with the changes in the structure and enhancement of the performance of industrial boilers, the old version cannot meet the needs of new circumstances. This standard thus was reviewed to expand its coverage and support the implementation of new energysaving policies. The revised standard will stop high energy consuming industrial boilers from entering the China market, and play an essential role in improving the design of industrial boilers.