SAC and NEA: Guidelines for Strengthening the Standardization of Energy Internet


On 15 May,the National Energy Administration (NEA) and SAC jointly released the “guidelines for strengthening the standardization of energy Internet”. The guidelines point out,

  • By 2020 “to complete the standardization road map and the standard system framework for energy Internet”, and “to formulate 30+ basic and general standards for energy Internet, covering the technical requirements of  terminology, conceptual model, system architecture, generic use cases, information security, acceptance and assessment for demonstration and pilot projects, etc.”
  • By 2025, “to establish a standard system that is able to support energy internet industrial development and application requirements”, and “to develop more than 50 energy Internet standards covering active distribution network, micro-energy network, energy storage, electric vehicle, etc., and supporting the project construction and technical application of energy internet”

The guidelines also put forward to establish a standardization coordination mechanism and a supporting technical organization for energy internet to formulate relevant policies and measures, strengthen macro coordination, etc.