SAMR published List of Certification Bodies authorized for Energy Saving Product and Environment Labelling Product certification in Government Procurement

30-04-2019 On 1 February 2019, Ministry of Finance, NDRC, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, SAMR jointly released the “Notice on Adjusting and Optimizing the Operation Mechanism of Government Procurement on Energy-saving products and Environment Labelling Products”, which put forward to expand the scope of certification bodies who can conduct the relevant certifications for government procurement. … Continued

The “Belt and Road” Co-constructed National Standard Information Platform and the Standardization CN-EN Bilingual Intelligent Translation Cloud Platform were released

26-04-2019 On 23 April, CNIS held the Press Conference of the “Belt and Road” Co-constructed National Standard Information Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Infor Platform”) and the Standardization CN-EN Bilingual Intelligent Translation Cloud Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Translation Platform”). The Info Platform classified and translated standard information of the “Belt and Road” … Continued

ETSI Delegation visited Beijing

24-04-2019 In week of 15th April, Mr. Luis Jorge Romero (Director General) and Mrs. Margot Dor (Director of Strategy & Development) of the European Telecommunication Standards institute (ETSI) visited Beijing and took part in a series of meetings with a number of key Chinese standardization stakeholders, including market players from various public and private sectors. Supported … Continued

Notice on the Key Tasks and Assignments of Implementing the “Deepen Standardization Reform Scheme” (2019-2020)

23-04-2019 On 17 April, SAMR released the Notice on the Key Tasks and Assignments of Implementing the “Deepen Standardization Reform Scheme” (2019-2020), aiming to guide the implementation of China’s standardization reform in its third phase (2019-2020). “Deepen Standardization Reform Scheme” was released in March 2015, and China government afterwards issued 3 supporting documents in the … Continued

19/04/19 ITU issued 1st China’s informatization and industrialization integration standard

In April, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has officially issued the first informatization and industrialization integration standard of China as international standard: “Methodology for building digital capabilities in enterprises ‘digital transformation”. This international standard is based on the core achievement of the national standard “Basis and Terminology of Informatization and Industrialization Integrated Management System” (GB/T … Continued

16/04/19 SAC issued 1st batch of GB/T plan 2019

SAC issued the first batch of recommended national standards plans for 2019. This batch of plans totals 507 items, of which 294 items are formulated, 213 items are revised, 506 items are recommended standards, and 1 item is guided technical document. The plan covers petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing, building materials, electronics, agriculture, meteorology and … Continued

12/04/19 Key Points of Certification, Accreditation, Inspection and Testing in 2019

On 1st April, CNCA issued the key points of certification, accreditation, inspection and testing in 2019. According to the risk level, the examination and approval items are classified and managed by means of canceling approval, informing commitment, self-declaration and optimizing access services. CNCA points to: Cancel Product Quality Inspection Authority Authorization (CAL) Simplify the procedure … Continued

08/04/19 MEE adopted three GB on Volatile Organic Compounds emission control

On 31st March, the executive meeting of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) considered and adopted in principle three national standards: “Volatile Organic Compounds Unorganized Emission Control Standard”, “Pharmaceutical Industry Air Pollutants Emission Standard” and “Coatings, Inks and Adhesives Industry Air Pollutants Emission Standard”. The meeting pointed out to further speed up the construction … Continued

29/03/19 Ministerial level standards plan for medical devices 2019

On 25th March, the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) issued a circular covering 93 ministerial level standards for medical devices in 2019, 59 new standards and 34 revised standards respectively. Five of them are mandatory standards. The newly formulated ministerial level standard items include “Performance Characteristics of Medical Light Ion Beam Equipment for Medical Electrical … Continued