MIIT issues 5G Testing Frequency License to China Broadcasting Network Corporation

03/02/2020 On January 3, 2020, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) officially announced the issuance of the license for China Broadcasting Network Corporation to use the 5G testing frequency on the 4.9GHz band. China Broadcasting Network Corporation is allowed to establish 5G networks in 16 cities, which are Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, … Continued

China released the White Paper on Standardization of Artificial Intelligence Security

02/02/2020 On December 27, 2019, during the second “meeting week” of the working group in TC260 (National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee), the White Paper on Standardization of Artificial Intelligence Security was officially released. The White Paper was co-compiled by 29 enterprises and institutions including CESI (China Electronics Standardization Institute), Tsinghua University, Baidu, Huawei, 360 … Continued

SESEC IV Launches Webinar on the CCC Reform in China

24/01/2020 On January 17, SESEC held a webinar for “What has changed for China’s CCC during the last 18 months” in its Beijing office. Dr. Betty XU, director of the SESEC project, introduced the development of China’s CCC reform within the past 18 months, summarized the major changes, and analyzed the impacts these changes would … Continued

China Releases the First Batch of 5G Standards

22/01/2020 On January 9, 2020, China’s first batch of 5G standards was released in the “5G Standards Release and Industry Promotion Conference” held by CCSA in Beijing. The standards relate to core networks, wireless access networks, carrier networks, antennas, terminals, security, electromagnetic compatibility and other fields. The full names of the standards can be found … Continued

CNCA Announcement on Implementation Rule of CCC Self-declaration

21/01/2020 In order to implement the requirements of “delegating power, improving regulation and optimizing services” reform, promote the smooth enforcement of CCC self-declaration evaluation mode and continue to strengthen the responsibility of market entities, after an overall assessment of the current implementation of CCC self-declaration, CNCA hereby further specifies the following requirements to improve the CCC self-declaration.1. … Continued

SESEC holds the “SESEC China-EU Standardization Roundtable and Chinese New Year Reception”

21/01/2020   To show our appreciations to EU stakeholders and strengthen the long-term cooperation with the Chinese standardization community, SESEC held the “SESEC China-EU Standardization Roundtable and Chinese New Year Reception” on January 16, 2020. Following Dr. Betty XU’s opening speech, Mr. Frank Schmiedel, the first counsellor of Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG … Continued

SESEC Analysis on V2X Communication Standardization in China

19/01/2020 There are currently two technologies for Internet of Vehicles (IoV) communication: LTE-V2X and DSRC. China has adopted the LTE-V2X technology in its IoV standard system and a number of local SDOs and associations are developing relevant standards. SESEC summarized and analyzed the standardization work and drafted a short report on it, which can be … Continued

SESEC Webinars Available on Our Website

19/01/2020 We are happy to inform our readers that the recordings and presentations of our webinars are now available on our website! You can download the recordings and presentations here:  https://www.sesec.eu/presentations/sesec-webinar-recordings/ ‎ The SESEC project has always been devoted to facilitating mutual understanding on the standardization systems in Europe and China for our stakeholders. In the … Continued

Latest developments of Chinese Green Standards

13/01/2020 Latest developments of green product evaluation standards: On December 10, 2019, the National Green Product Evaluation Standardization General Group (hereinafter, the General Product Evaluation Group) held the “Meeting to Promote the 2nd Batch of National Standards for Green Product Evaluation” and the “Meeting to initiate  the 3rd Batch of National Standards for Green Product … Continued