The SESEC’s mission is to enhance the visibility of European standardization activities, increase the cooperation between Chinese and European standardization bodies and support European companies facing standardization related issues hampering market access to China. The project also supports China in standardization related aspects of its integration in the WTO trading system, by identifying all potential opportunities for enhanced international cooperation and global harmonization of standards.

Ultimately, the SESEC project aims at reducing the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) both between EU and China and globally, thus supporting European and Chinese industries by facilitating international trade.

The specific tasks of the Project are as follows:

  • Present a unified European voice in standardization in China;
  • Promote the values of the European standardization system and the “New Approach” legislation in China and raise awareness on the advantages of European standards;
  • Support the European Standards Organizations in their activities in China;
  • Promote the cooperation between China and Europe in the field of standardization and conformity assessment policies;
  • Arrange and participate in seminars and events related to European standardization;
  • Ensure and enlist the support of European industry in its activities in China;
  • Analyse developments in standardization in China and provide regular reports to the Steering Committee;
  • Gather regulatory and standardization intelligence;
  • Establish and maintain cooperation agreements with Chinese partner organizations;
  • Explore the market in China in order to identify new standardization needs and to find new possible sources of interest in standardization as well as new possible partners and to foster cooperation with their European counterparts;
  • Use standardization related co-operation in order to foster bilateral and multilateral trade and economic policy with China;
  • Establish and maintain close contacts with relevant Chinese ministries and agencies.

The project will focus on the following SESEC Priority Sectors:

  • IoT / M2M;
  • Communication networks & services;
  • Cyber Security & digital identity;
  • Smart Cities (including transport, power grids & metering);
  • Electrical & electronic products;
  • General products’ safety;
  • Medical Devices;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Energy management & Environmental protection (EPBD, Eco-Design & labelling).