MPS/Cybersecurity Bureau released the Guide on Internet Personal Information Protection (draft for comments)


On 10 April 2019, the Cybersecurity Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing Network Industry Association and the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security jointly released the “Guide on Internet personal information protection (draft for comments)”.

This document provides the management mechanism, security technical measures and service processes for personal information protection. It gives reference to the personal information protection work during its life cycle. It is applicable to enterprises providing services through the Internet, and organizations or individuals that control and process personal information through private network or non-networked environments.

The guide can be referenced by public security organizations in their cybersecurity law enforcement activities and by internet enterprises to establish their personal information protection compliance systems.

Two recommended national standards were adopted by the document:GB/T 22239-2008 Information security technology – Baseline for classified protection of information system security and GB/T 35273-2017 Information security technology—Personal information security specification.