MIIT published officially “implementation advice on industry and ICT standardization’s support to “belt & Road””

On 12th November, MIIT published the implementation advice on industry and ICT standardization’s support to “belt & Road”. The main objectives of 2020 are to establish an inclusive, interconnected and mutual-recognized standardization system together with countries of belt & Road:

  • Develop over 80 international standards;
  • Deploy around 400 English version standards’ organization;
  • Apply China’s standards to B&R projects;
  • Setup preliminarily d cooperative mechanism with crucial countries

The advice addressed also three important domains of international standardization cooperation:

  • To promote the internationalized application and adoption of China’s standards on superior manufacturing power and equipment manufacturing, which cover areas of steel, colorful metal, petro chemistry, construction materials, farm machinery, engineering machine, textiles, solar energy devices, environmental protection and energy-saving, civilian explosives and household electrical appliances;
  • To strengthen ICT standardization cooperation and fully support Chinese enterprises and standardization organizations to participate in the standards developments on smart city, telecommunication engineering and services, Beidou satellite navigation, and also emerging technologies such as IoT, could computing, big-data and etc.
  • To enforce cooperation on standardization of “internet plus advanced manufacturing” and integrated innovative industries, comprising “informatization & industrialization”, intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet and vehicle to X.