MIIT: call for comments on a number of mandatory national standard drafts


On 14 June, MIIT issued a call for comments on 7 mandatory national standard drafts and 2 draft amendments of mandatory national standard, as follows,

No. Standard name Standard replaced
1 Fuel consumption evaluation methods and targets for passenger cars (draft for approval) GB 27999-2014
2 No.1 amendment of GB 30509-2014 Identification for passenger cars and their parts (draft for approval)  
3 No.1 amendment of GB 20300-2018 Safety specifications for road transportation vehicle of explosive substance and chemical toxic substance (draft for approval)  
4 Infant feeding bottles and teats (draft for approval)  
5 Request in common use of security for student’s articles (draft for approval) GB 21027-2007
6 The general safety technical code for children’s paper products (draft for approval)  
7 Beer bottles (draft for approval) GB 4544-1996
8 Rare earth products packing, marking, transport and storage (draft for approval)  
9 Technical specification for internet TV receiving device (draft for approval)  

These standards and amendments will be published soon after the public consultation, and relevant enterprises should pay attention to the changes in the content of these standards.