MIIT and other 3 ministries jointly published “three-year’ action planning on quality promotion of raw materials (2018-2020)”

On 25 October, MIIT, SAMR, MOST and MoFcom jointly published three-year’ action planning on quality promotion of raw material (2018-2020)”. The action planning comprise industries of steel, colorful metal, petro chemistry and construction materials. In order to perfect the related standardization, the planning underlined three key points:

  • Speed up the development of critical standards for raw materials, promote technical level of universal and general products and technique;
  • Facilitate coordinately organization and revision of key areas’ products standards;
  • Participate actively international standardization work, strengthen the adoption of advanced international and foreign standards, and gear national standards system to the international conventions;
  • Inspire social associations to organize world advanced and innovated standards to lead the high-quality development