MIIT:2019 Work Plan of the Special Working Group for Industrial Internet


On 20 June,MIIT Industrial Internet Special Working Group released its Work Plan for 2019. The Work Plan consists of 27 key tasks that shall be completed by Dec 2019. The tasks include the establishment of the China Industrial Internet Institute, the development of Administrative Measures for Industrial Internet Labelling (draft for comments),the formulation of implementation guides or standards for industrial internet platforms, the financial support for industrial internet projects, the credit support for industrial internet enterprises, etc.

On the subject of standardization, the Work Plan states that in 2019, the corresponding SDOs shall develop 5+ general and fundamental standards for the networks and platforms of industrial internet, formulate 5+ key sectoral standards, draft 3+ security standards for the fields in urgent need, such as platform security, data security, cryptography application, etc. Furthermore, the Work Plan also puts forward that 1~2 test and verification systems shall be established for new industrial internet techniques and standards.

The Industrial Internet Special Working Group was found in February 2018. It is a sub working group under the Leading Group for the Upgrade of Manufacturing Sector (制造强国建设领导小组). The Special Working Group is headed by minister of MIIT and takes the responsibility of promoting the industrial internet industry and implement the “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Deepening ‘Internet + Advanced Manufacturing industry’ and Developing Industrial Internet”, which was released by the State Council in November 2017. The main tasks of the Special Working Group include: strategic planning and coordinate trans-regionally and cross-sectorally the development of industrial internet; review major planning, policies, projects, work plans for the development of industrial internet and supervise their implementation. The Working Group holds meeting annually, discussing major issues concerning the development of industrial internet.