Launch Meeting for the China-EU Joint Working Group on Elevator Standards


On December 3, 2019, the launch meeting for the China-EU Joint Working Group of Elevator Standards was held in CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute) in Beijing. The meeting was organized by CEN/TC 10, SESA, SAC/TC 196 and CEAS, and invited Esfandiar Gharibaan, the President of CEN/TC 10, and Gero Gschwendtner, Ari Ketonen, Gerhard Schiffner from CEN/TC 10, Roberto Zappa and Luca Pezzini from ELA, Xavier Sans Powell from the EU Delegation in China and Betty Xu from SESEC, together with members of SAC/TC 196, including ZHANG Hongwei, Deputy Director-General of SESA, LI Shoulin, Chairman of SAC/TC 196 and CEA (China Elevator Association), QIAN Jianxiong from SESA and other experts from the elevator industry.

After the introduction of the attendees and a brief summary of the preparations for the joint working group, Esfandiar Gharibaan expressed his appreciation for the cooperation between EU and China, emphasizing the shared goal to ensure the safety of users and workers and that CEN/TC 10 is looking forward to further cooperation to influence the world. LI Shoulin delivered a speech about the expectations on safe and reliable products and services through joint efforts. ZHANG Hongwei’s speech was mainly about elevator standards. He said the working group would work to improve EN and ISO standards through Chinese cases studies and establish the elevator standards system in China. He also raised three suggestions for the members: to research and exchange standards concerning elevators with the help of the working group, to encourage Chinese members to participate in CEN conferences, and to assure the punctuality of the annual plan and annual meeting.

During the second part of the meeting, CEN/TC 10 introduced the overview of the legislative and standardization developments in Europe, explaining the EU Directives and harmonized standards. The Elevator Directive 2014/33/EU was discussed in detail. The overview of CEN/TC 10 WG1, WG2, WG6 and WG7/WG10, CEN/TC 10 provided information about the ongoing projects and answered several questions from Chinese members.

The speeches in the third part of the meeting were given by Chinese members. CHEN Fengwang from SAC/TC 196 gave a speech on the overview of the standardization developments in China and LI Zhao from Special Equipment Safety Supervision Administration Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation gave a speech on the safety supervision and regulation system of elevators in China. Other topics discussed include the consideration of safety factors, braking capacity and reliability requirements of elevators.