ISO approved China’s standard proposal of “Ship Network Security Risk Assessment Method”

On 6th March, the international standard proposal of “Ship Network Security Risk Assessment Method” put forward by China has been formally approved by the Ship and Marine standardization technical committee (ISO/TC8). This is an important breakthrough in China’s technical standards in the field of ship network security and intelligent shipping.           

The research was launched in 2017 and led by China Ship Information Center and jointly participated by Tianjin Institute of Navigation Instruments. The main content is to identify, analyze and evaluate the security risks in the whole ship network. This standard is intended to analyze and study the operation of Shipborne Network and the information security protection measures of shipborne equipment so as to solve the problem that shipborne equipment suppliers and shipyards lack the security evaluation system of Shipborne Network and corresponding technical requirements, so as to achieve a general international standard of Shipborne Network security that can be used as a technical reference, and to inspect Shipborne Network administrators, equipment manufacturers and third parties. Measuring institutions and other organizations provide the basis for dealing with the possible risks in the network system.