First oneM2M Hackathon in China


On 11 November 2020, the First oneM2M Hackathon in China was launched in Jinan, Shandong Province. The event was sponsored in the context of the InDiCo project by European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI), the Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), and the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) ; the main organisers were the Shandong Computer Science Center (National Supercomputing Center in Jinan), the Shandong New Generation Standardisation Institute, and the Shandong Association of IoT. Leaders, experts, scholars and hundreds of contestants from the European and Chinese IoT industry and standardisation community participated in the IoT and oneM2M Standards Workshop as the key event for the first day.

SDO leaders and government officers made opening remarks, including Luis J. ROMERO, Director General of ETSI; Yang Zemin, Secretary General of CCSA; Yang Meihong, Director of the Shandong Computer Science Center (National Supercomputing Center in Jinan), and Xu Yong, Senior ombudsman of Jinan Administration of Market Regulation, congratulating the event and expressing their appreciation for the development of China IoT industry and standards.

Technical experts from both the China and European standardisation communities shared their expertise and insights on the development of IoT technology, industry and ecosystem in EU and China,  the challenges they face, along with the strengths, use cases and key technical features of the oneM2M standards. These experts included:

  • Enrico SCARRONE, Steering Committee Chair at oneM2M;
  • Dale SEED, oneM2M System Design & Security Chair;
  • Wei Zhou, oneM2M System Design & Security Vice Chair;
  • Roland HECHWARTNER, chairperson of the Technical Plenary (TP);
  • Laurent VELEZ, oneM2M Technical Officer;
  • Arif HAMIDULLAH, GCF Office Head of Certification for IoT & Verticals;
  • Christophe COLINET from EUROCITIES;
  • Guanqun SU, SDIoT Secretary-general; and
  • Yonghua LI from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Dr Betty Xu, director of the Seconded European Standardisation Expert in China (SESEC) project, attended the workshop. During her presentation, Dr Xu introduced ETSI’s recent progress in IoT standardisation; she also provided an overview of the standardisation system in Europe and gave an update of the implementation of the China-Europe cooperation on standardisation. Acting as a bridge and facilitator of cooperation between Europe and China in the field of standardisation, SESEC project provided strong coordinating and logistical support for the event.

As follow up to the event, in the following two days hundreds of contestants will participate in tutorials from the oneM2M experts, develop their own oneM2M applications, and compete for various awards and prizes.

As the first oneM2M hackathon held in China,  the event will, on the one hand, contribute to the promotion of the oneM2M standards, thus increasing its visibility and influence in China and paving the way for wider and deeper Europe-China cooperation on IoT international standards; on the other hand, it will provide opportunities for more China shareholders to participate in international IoT standardisation activities, and facilitate their uptake of oneM2M technology and standards.


OneM2M is a global partnership project launched in 2012 by eight of the world’s leading ICT standards development organisations, namely: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (United States), CCSA (China), ETSI (Europe), TIA (USA), TSDSI (India), TTA (Korea) and TTC (Japan). The aim is to create a global technical standard for interoperability concerning the architecture, API specifications, security and enrolment solutions for Machine-to-Machine and IoT technologies – based on the requirements discussed and agreed by its members. The produced standardised specifications will be expected to enable an ecosystem that effectively supports a wide range of applications and services such as smart cities, smart grid, connected vehicles, home automation, public safety, and health.

In this context, the oneM2M hackathon event is an international competition that ETSI established, with the aim to promote the oneM2M standard across the globe and further facilitate the development of a unified IoT international standard.


Drafted by Ming