Standardization for Smart Grids and Metering in China and India. State of play and perspectives

Date: 11/25/2016
Time: 9:00 am  to  4:00 pm
Location: CCMC Meeting Centre, Brussels

WORKSHOP_SG_INDIA_CHINADo you know that our Seconded European Standardization ExpertsDr Betty XU, in China (SESEC), and Mr Dinesh CHAND SHARMA, in India (SESEI), can cater to your needs and boost your business in China and India? Some European stakeholders have already taken advantage from their support and benefited from their knowledge and network.

CEN and CENELEC are taking the opportunity of the presence of both experts in Europe to organize a one-day workshop on“Standardization for Smart Grids and Metering in China and India. State of play and perspectives”

Background information
Focus on China
Since it was proposed 8 or 9 years ago, “Smart Grids and Metering” has been a very comprehensive topic. In the complex Chinese standardization system, this topic is even more complicated as many different stakeholders, organizations and standards developing organizations are involved.
During the workshop, Dr. Betty Xu will explain the policies and strategies of the Chinese government on “Smart Grids and Metering”. She will also provide an overview of who the key stakeholders are in Chinese “Smart Grids and Smart Metering” standardization and how are they coordinate. Some market access requirements and technical regulations for “Smart Grids and Metering” will also be covered.

Focus on India
The development and deployment of Smart Grids in India are carried out through India Smart Grid Task Force (ISGTF) and India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), which has been under the aegis of the Ministry of Power (MoP) for the past three years. Already 14 Smart Grid Pilots are rolled out in Indian states. A National Mission on Electric Mobility (NMEM) is also put in place with a target of 6-7 million Electric Vehicles. India has a dedicated ministry for New and Renewable Energy, which has put the Ambitious target of adding 175 GW of renewable generation capacity and 60 GW of wind power in it by 2022, launching the Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme. With all of this Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is also catching up on standardization work in the area of Smart Energy. BIS has already released AC direct connected watt-hour smart meter, data exchange protocol of smart meter and currently working on formulating standards for Panel Meter, transformer-operated smart meter, power system cyber security etc. During the workshop, Mr Dinesh CHAND SHARMA will share insights into the Indian Policy and Standardization landscapes around Smart Energy covering Grid Modernization efforts by the Government of India, Smart Grid Pilots, the role of renewables and the status of standards around LVDC, Smart Grid and Smart Metering.

Join us to:

  • receive first-hand intelligence about the latest standardization developments in the field of Smart Grids and Smart Metering in two major export markets, China and India
  • benchmark these developments with European activities in these domains, in the presence of prominent experts from the CEN and CENELEC networks
  • express your potential needs and concerns regarding smart grids and smart metering standardization in China and India, to trigger future actions in the context of the SESEC and SESEI projects
  • ask any question you may have to Dr Betty XU (SESEC) and Mr Dinesh Chand SHARMA (SESEI), and get precious insights into the articulation between standards and market access in China and India

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