ETSI in the International Symposium on Standard Essential Patent(2019)


On October 17, 2019, the International Symposium 2019 on Standard Essential Patents was held in Beijing. 18 experts from China, Europe and North America shared with more than 150 attendees their experience, case studies and views on SEP issues, such as FRAND principle, SEP license, injunction relief, SDO’s IPR policy, relations between standards and patents, 5G standardization and patent licensing, etc.

Christian Loyau, Legal and Governance Director of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) delivered a speech on how ETSI governs and deals with SEP issues. He introduced ETSI’s IPR policies and relevant directives, ETSI IPR database, typical SEP litigation case, European Commission’s pilot project on SEP, as well as Japan’s practice on essentiality check, which were highly valued by the participants.

How to deal with SEP matters is a controversial topic around the world; this symposium served as a good bridge for exchanging views. More communication is conducive to solving challenges related to SEP practices by properly using knowledge and resources available. As an example, ETSI’s IPR database has been widely referenced and studied by Chinese institutes in their 5G IPR-related research projects.