CNCA updates the CCC-HS codes table


On April 29, 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and the General Administration of Customs (GAC) jointly issued the 2020 List of Compulsory Certification Items and Reference Codes, paving the way for convenient import and export of products on the CCC list as well as more efficient regulation.

In general, the new list has been further streamlined as a result of the merging and removal of some categories, and now contains 103 categories of compulsory certification items. Due to the changes in the 2020 catalogue of products subject to CCC, the list of compulsory certification items and reference codes have been altered accordingly. Here are the details.

  • 62 categories of compulsory certification items were removed together with their reference HS codes compared with the list in 2017 which included 158 categories of products subject to CCC.
  • 7 categories of items were added: electric blankets, electric pads and similar soft heaters, helmets for motorcyclists, electric bicycles, gas appliances for household use, tankless water heaters for household use, gas water heaters, and explosion-proof products.
  • 18 sets of HS codes were added. 10 of them were added with the new CCC items while 8 were added in the unchanged categories. Please note that the corresponding HS code of the newly added explosion-proof products are not listed here.

As for the conformity assessment method, self-declaration applies to 27 categories of items, while third-party certification applies to 60. For an additional 16 categories of items, either method can be used for the conformity assessment. Additionally, in the categories of information technology equipment, and audio and video equipment, self-declaration applies to products with nominal rated voltage less than or equal to 5VDC, nominal rated power consumption less than 15W (or 15VA), and no rechargeable battery equipment (Class III Equipment).