CNCA Notice on Further Facilitating CCC for Products Including Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment


On 4 August 2020, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA) released a set of guiding opinions to facilitate the obtainment of China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for various products, including explosion-proof electrical equipment, gas burning appliances for domestic use, and household refrigerating appliances with a capacity of over 500 litres. The key highlights of the opinions include:

  1. Fully implement the Notice of the SAMR’s General Office on Carrying out Quality Certification Work amidst COVID-19 Prevention and Control, which allows CCC application materials to be reviewed during the pandemic, while on-site examination to be postponed or carried out after the pandemic. For more details about the document, visit:
  2. While ensuring the validity of CCC, recognise the assessment results of international bilateral and multilateral certification systems that China has joined, recognise the examination and testing results of production licenses for industrial products, and adopt the information of other voluntary certification assessment systems, in order to avoid repeated evaluations and thus reduce the financial and time burdens for obtaining certificates.
  3. When encountering difficulties, due to the pandemic, in sending inspectors to overseas factories for inspection, certification institutions are encouraged to conduct such inspections through online platforms or through entrustment of overseas institutions.
  4. Help enterprises to acquire certificates by 1 October 2020 by all means possible, especially for entrusted certification still under application. Such support should include arranging technical personnel to conduct one-to-one communication with enterprises, increasing policy divulgation efforts, and actively providing technical services. The aim is to prevent delays in acquiring certificates and consequent impact on imports and sales, due to lack of knowledge on CCC policies and technical requirements.

In July 2019, CNCA published an announcement for relevant enterprises to complete the transition from production licenses to CCC by 1 October 2020. Since then, enterprises have often filed complaints on the transition period considered too short. As shown in these newly-released measures, CNCA has adopted various flexible measures, but has not changed the length of the transition period. As a result, relevant enterprises should actively use all the supporting measures offered by CNCA in order to obtain CCC for their products as soon as possible.