CNCA Clarifies the Scope of the Explosion-proof Products Subject to CCC


To help stakeholders identify if their products are subject to the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) in the Chinese market, SAMR/CNCA will, every serval years, issue the Table for Describing and Defining the Products Subject to CCC (the latest version was released in April 2020, hereinafter, the “2020 Table”), indicating the characteristics that different categories of products within the CCC scope should have. However, in practice, enterprises might still not be able to clearly determine whether their products should apply for CCC or how to apply for CCC, especially for the products that are partially in line with the description of a certain product category in the Table or have characteristics across different product categories in the Table. This problem is particularly notable for products that have been newly added to the CCC scope, like explosion-proof electrical and electronic products.


To address the problem, CNCA issued an announcement on June 8, 2020, further clarifying the boundary of explosion-proof electrical and electronic products subject to the CCC. The main contents of the announcement are as follows.


  • Electrical and electronic products used in explosive environments shall be excluded from the CCC if they are not in line with the description for the explosion-proof electrical and electronic products in the 2020 Table, no matter whether or not they have functions or purposes of other electrical and electronics products presented in the 2020 Table.


  • The CCC Implementation Rules for Explosion-proof Products, instead of any other CCC implementation rules, applies to explosion-proof electrical and electronic products conforming to the description given by the 2020 Table for explosion-proof electrical and electronic products, regardless of whether these products have functions or purposes defined by the 2020 Table for other electrical and electronic products.


  • The CCC certificates which do not comply with the abovementioned rules shall be cancelled immediately.


The announcement further clarifies the scope of CCC for explosion-proof electrical and electronic products, increases the transparency and fairness of the CCC system, and reduces market access obstacles for stakeholders. It is a commendable progress in the CCC reform.


Explosion-proof electrical and electronic products were included in the CCC scheme on October 1, 2019, and relevant products will be prohibited from being sold, imported, or used in the Chinese market if they do not have the CCC mark after October 1, 2020. Such a short transition period along with the COVID-19 outbreak make this task almost impossible, and postponement for the deadline seems inevitable. In addition, to facilitate the CCC businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak, “certification bodies may take appropriate assessment measures to issue certificates first, and supplement necessary tests and inspections after the epidemic period”, a CNCA officer said.