CNCA Announcement on Implementation Rule of CCC Self-declaration


In order to implement the requirements of “delegating power, improving regulation and optimizing services” reform, promote the smooth enforcement of CCC self-declaration evaluation mode and continue to strengthen the responsibility of market entities, after an overall assessment of the current implementation of CCC self-declaration, CNCA hereby further specifies the following requirements to improve the CCC self-declaration.1. Improvement of implementation rules

A revised version of the Implementation Rules for CCC Self-Declaration(CNCA-00C-008:2019) has been published, where the requirements on the implementation of CCC self-declaration based on the voluntary certification results as well as the requirements on the implementation of CCC self-declaration for the ODM mode are added.

2. Simplification of conversion requirements

In order to facilitate the timely conversion of the CCC certificate holders to the self-declaration evaluation mode, the requirements for submitting product correspondence information are simplified.

The “Self-declaration Correspondence Information System” (, hereinafter referred to as the system) offers technical documents automatically based on the valid certificate number provided by the enterprise. Technical documents may include model specification and type test report of corresponding products. The conversion procedure will be completed after the enterprise confirms the validity of technical documents provided by the system, signs the CCC self-declaration and uploads it to the system.

During the conversion, the enterprise may be exempted from submitting technical documents, such as the inspection report on factory’s quality assurance ability, to the system; but should not be exempt from complying with the relevant requirements of the Self-declaration Implementation Rules. Moreover, the enterprise shall improve the technical documents at the time of next change of self-declaration information.

Where the enterprise has any objection to the technical documents provided automatically by the system, it may contact the certification body, and the certification body shall respond actively.

After the enterprise completes the self-declaration conversion, the certification body shall cancel the corresponding CCC certificate in a timely manner.

3. Specification of implementation requirements

For the CCC self-declaration converted in accordance with the foregoing simplification requirements, the system shall automatically establish an association between the self-declaration and the original CCC certificate. Motor vehicles, low-voltage switch-gears and other whole machine products do not need to change their CCC certificates or CCC self-declaration because their parts and components convert to self-declaration mode.

When a conformity assessment body involves in the CCC self-declaration evaluation mode, it shall select the typical samples of type test and determine the scope of products covered by the conformity assessment results in accordance with the basic principles and requirements for unit division as prescribed in the relevant CCC implementation rules. Any CB certificate/report provided by the enterprise that conforms to the IECEE-CB system requirements and within the standard catalogue of China’s scope in the IECEE-CB system shall be recognized or accepted.

The enterprise that implements CCC self-declaration based on the results of certification shall obtain the consent of the certificate applicant before the self-declaration if the applicant and the enterprise are not the same.

In order to facilitate the international trade, for products that meet the following conditions all at once, the applicant may, by providing the cancelled CCC certificate, apply to the certification body for a CCC certificate that applies only to the relevant batch of products:

👉Shipped before November 1, 2020, and the CCC certificate is valid at the time of shipment;

👉Imported after November 1, 2020, and at the time of import, the CCC certificate is already cancelled (on November 1, 2020) due to the expiration of self-declaration conversion period.

The type test samples required in CCC self-declaration can apply to the exemption conditions for “products and samples required for scientific research, testing and certification inspection” in the Notice of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Specifying the CCC Exemption Requirements (2019 No.153). The applicant for exemption must be a producer (manufacturer) practicing CCC self-declaration or an authorized representative, and shall provide the sample submission notice and other materials issued by the CCC notified laboratory or certification body in accordance with the 2019 No.153 Notice.

The technical documents submitted by the enterprise onto the system are used for administrative supervision only, any information involving business secrets shall not be disclosed.

The enterprise that completes the CCC self-declaration in accordance with the requirements may purchase the standard CCC mark from any notified certification body.

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