06/11/2017 China’s Standardization Law (revised) released

The new Standardization Law of People’s Republic of China was ultimately released last Saturday (4th November) after years of debate and repeated revisions.

Compared with the second reading version issued on 5th September, the final version of “China standardization Law” does not make much substantial modifications. The 3 relatively obvious changes are: the final document adds the requirement of improving standards quality, stipulates the maximum review period of 5 years for standards, and opens the proposal right of mandatory national standard projects to social organizations, enterprises, institutions and individuals.

Stakeholders’ concerns on some clauses, such as requiring enterprises to disclose their products’ and service’s function and performance indicators, encouraging free access of recommend standards, aren’t yet being responded, and their appeals for copyright protection of adopted ISO/IEC standards and WTO/TBT obligations are neither seen embodied in the final document.

The law will come into force on 1st January 2018. SESEC will provide the translation of the law later in our website.