China Published New Sector Standards on Railways



Sector Standards still playing an important role in China currently.

Six new sector standards on railways were published on December 11, 2019. The new railway sector standards are based on the old versions of those standards, the old version standards can still be used until July 1, 2020. New sector standards are listed below:

  • TB/T 2056.1-2019 Railway Vehicle Part 1: The Electro-pneumatic Brake
  • TB/T 2056.3-2019 Railway Vehicle Brake. Part 3: Air Brake
  • TB/T 2841-2019 Railway Vehicle Air Suspension
  • TB/T 456.1-2019 Automatic Coupler and Draft Gear of Locomotives for Rolling Stocks. Part 1: Requirements of Assembly
  • TB/T 456.2-2019 Automatic Coupler and Draft Gear of Locomotives for Rolling Stock Part 2: Automatic Coupler and Accessories
  • TB/T 3550.1-2019 Design and Testing Identification Specifications of Rolling Stock Hardness. Part 1: Passenger Train Body

The new standards were published by the National Railway Administration of China, which is responsible for the development and management of sector standards on railways.

According to Article 12 of the Standardization Law of China:

Sector standards may be developed for technical requirements that lack voluntary national standards and need to be unified within a certain industry across the country.

Sector standards shall be developed by the relevant administrative departments of the State Council and filed with the administrative department of standardization of the State Council.

Different government departments are expected to continually draft sector standards based on their responsibilities. All of those sector standards will be reported to SAC for recording. Currently, sector standards are still playing an important role in China, 70 industries in China still rely on sector standards. According to the 2020 China Standardization Report made by Mr. TIAN Shihong, in 2019, 3 new sector standards Codes had been approved including fire rescue, emergency management and national material reserve, 4880 new sector standards have been reported to SAC for recording, and 2665 sector standards have been annulled.


For the list of the Chinese sector standards and their abbreviations, please see the list below:

Abbreviation (In Chinese) Category
AQ Production safety
BB Packaging
CB Ship
CH Topography
CJ Urban Construction
CY Press and Publication
DA Archive
DB Earthquake
DL Electric Power
DZ Geological Minerals
EJ Nuclear industry
FZ Textiles
GA Public safety
GH Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
GM National Secrets
GY Radio, Film and Television
HB Aviation
HG Chemical
HJ Environmental protection
HS Customs
HY Ocean
JB Machinery
JC Building materials
JG Constructional engineering
JR Finance
JT Traffic
JY Education
LB Tourism
LD Labor and working safety
LS Grain
LY Forestry
MH Civil aviation
MT Coal
MZ Civil administration
NB Energy
NY Agriculture
QB Light industry
QC Vehicle
QJ Spaceflight
QX Meteorology
RB Certification and accreditation
SB Domestic trade
SC Aquatic industry
SF Administration of justice
SH Petrochemical
SJ Electronic products
SL Hydro-protect
SN Entry and exit inspection and quarantine
SW Taxation
SY Petroleum
TB Railway transportation
TD Land administration
TY Sports
WB Material management
WH Culture
WJ Military and civilian products
WM Foreign trade
WS Hygiene
WW Preservation of cultural relics
XB Rare earth
YB Ferrous metallurgy
YC Tobacco
YD Communication
YS Non-ferrous metal
YY Medicine
YZ Postal industry
ZY Traditional Chinese Medicine