China Green Construction Materials Certification


On October 25, 2019, MIIT published the Implementation Guide for Green Building Material Certification to include the current green building material certification and assessment systems under green product standards, certification and labeling management system.

According to the Implementation Guide, certification of green construction materials is classified from one to three stars. Construction materials that are within the catalogue and are certificated based on the national green product assessment standards will be classified as three-stars construction materials.

  1. The goals for the Implementation Guide are the following:

Form a unified system for national standards, certification, and labeling of green construction products to realize “One product category, one standard, one list, one certification, one label” and by the year 2020, for green construction material to exceed 40%.

  1. The organizations that will be involved in the development of such system and their responsibilities are as follows:
  • SAMR, MIIT and MOHURD will be responsible for authorizing the green building material certification bodies, drafting the certification catalogue, and making the implementation rules.
  • A working group composed of members from SAMR, MIIT, and MOHURD will work on standards, certification, and labeling; and will outline the rules and technical requirements for green building material certification and certification organizations.
  • A technical committee will offer technical support to the certification organizations.
  1. Certification organizations will follow the requirements outlined in the following documents:
  • Measures for the Administration of Certification Organizations
  • GB/T 27065 Qualified and Approved Products, Process and Service Certification Institution Requirements
  • RB/T 242 Green Product Certification Institution Requirements