CCSA TC5 Released 5G Standards System in China and Recent Plan for 5G


On May 8, 2020, the Technical Committee on Wireless Communication of China Communications Standards Association (CCSA TC5) held its 51st working conference online, where the 5G standards system and recent plan for 5G were released.

At the end of 2017, TC5 put forward the plan of 5G standards system for the first time according to the market demand, industrial progress and frequency planning. The 5G standards system in China is mainly based on the 3GPP Release, in which the sector standards are based on 3GPP international standards to define the technical and functional requirements of 5G products.

According to the plan, in 2018 and 2019, CCSA has carried out investigation, research and development, testing and verification for 5G standards, and identified important indicators for 5G products such as technology and function. At the end of 2019, CCSA completed the first batch of 5G communication sector standards, providing support and guarantee for China’s 5G construction.

The 5G standards system and recent plan released this time is to add the Phase II standard plan according to the industrial development demand in the past two years, and to detail the standard status and progress of the Phase I standard in the system.

The new standards system will further improve 5G standards to meet the needs of R&D and production of 5G equipment and products, and promote the construction of new 5G infrastructure and the innovative development of integrated 5G industry applications.

The original Chinese version of the news is available on the official website of CCSA: CCSA TC5 Released 5G Standards System in China and Recent Plan for 5G

By Haley WU on June 29, 2020