China released its first digital factory national standards


In May 2019, the SAMR and SAC issued two national standards: ” GB/ T 37393-2019 Digital factory—General technical requirements” and ” GB/ T 37413-2019 Digital factory—Terms and definitions”. They are the first digital factory national standards in China.
These two standards are the major achievements of the “research and verification of the standard of digital factory terminology and general technical requirements”, which is a governmental R&D project launched by the MIIT in 2015 and undertaken by SAC/TC124 (Industrial Process Measurement, Control and Automation). This project aimed at normalizing terminologies and unifying technical requirements for digital factory, so as to support the construction of digital factory, the improvement of standard system of intelligent manufacturing, and the development of high-quality intelligent manufacturing.
These two standards will be beneficial for digital factory construction and standard formulation in China’s intelligent manufacturing industry, and will play a guiding role in enterprises’ intelligent upgrading and digital production and management, etc.