25/07/2018 SAMR and CNCA published announcement on the CCC implementation for electrical bicycle

SAMR AND CNCA published announcement on the CCC implementation for electrical bicycle on 2nd July, the detailed work arrangement is defined as follow:

  1. Certificate transition schedule

The transition period is from 1st August of 2018 to 14th April of 2019, during which both CCC and production license are applicable and available for electrical bicycle product. Electrical bicycle that is not certified with CCC shall not be manufactured, sold, imported or provided from 15th April 2019.

  1. CCC implementation schedule

From 1st of August, certification bodies begin to conduct CCC for electrical bicycle and provincial level SAMR do not accept the production license application any longer. All the issued production licenses should be cancelled by 14th April 2019.

  1. CCC Requirements

For the electrical bicycle enterprises with production license, certification bodies should accept and admit the test and inspection result of production license and conduct CCC free of initial factory inspection before 14th April 2019. The first surveillance should be taken within 6 months by certification bodies after issued the CCC to the enterprises, including product conformity and necessary quality assurance capability inspection.

For the enterprises without production license or import corporations, the designed certification bodies shall conduct the certification in accordance with relevant CCC rules.


SESEC Observation: In China, production license need to be got before-hand for electrical bicycle in the previous time. Now SAMR and CNCA putting electrical bicycle in CCC scheme means that in the future production licenses are not necessary and pre-market certification CCC will apply for this product.