22/05/2018 390 National Standards released by SAC and SAMR of China

On 17 May 2018, the SAC (Standardization Administration of China) and SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation of China) jointly released 390 national standards, which are related to the field of public safety, social welfare and product quality improving, etc.

In the field of public safety, the newly-formulated mandatory national standard, “Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus,” stipulates the limits of radio frequency conduction and radiation disturbances generated by related electrical appliances, and it is the basic standard to protect the electromagnetic environment and the wireless communication environment.

At the same time, 3 revised national standards for special equipment, “Safety code for large-scale amusement device”, “Safety code for passengers aerial ropeways” and “Vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform”,revised the technical requirements for the ride system and welding of large-scale amusement devices, improved the safety requirements for control systems and insulation performance of vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform, increased the height of ski lifts across the ski slopes, safety requirements for hanging chair guards, and the maximum safety factor of braided wire ropes and other content.

The newly-revised mandatory national standard, “Safety technical specification for electric bicycle”, improved the technical requirements such as the maximum speed, vehicle quality, pedaling ability, etc. The national standard, “Societal security mass evacuation planning guide”, will develop large-scale evacuation plans to respond to emergencies such as natural disasters and accidents. Meanwhile, 4 national standards such as “Safety technical requirements for oil transport tankers and refueling tankers” and “Safety of machinery—General safety requirements for production equipment” are closely related to safety production.

In the field of social welfare, the national standard for “Parking electronic toll collection” will use ETC technology, which will greatly enhance the level of traffic management informationization and has positive significance to improve the status of “difficult parking”.

In the field of improving product quality, 2 key national standards such as “Steels for plastic mould — part 2: pre-hardening steel bars” has been revised, which provides effective support for the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry. 4 revised national standards such as “Commercial coal quality—Coal for pulverized coal-fired boiler for power generation” added the content of pulverized coal, set limits for phosphorus, arsenic, and mercury, and proposed stricter ash content requirements, which has great significance to reduce the trade and use of inferior coal in China and to improve the efficiency of coal utilization and to reduce the emission of coal.

In addition,“General principles for assessment of green factory” and 54 English edition of national standards involving aluminum alloy building profiles and lifting machinery, etc., have also been released.