2020 First Meeting of the Standing Council of the China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance Held in Beijing


On 12 June 2020, the Standing Council of the China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance (CCIA) held its first 2020 meeting in Beijing. The executive director, secretariat and representatives of CCIA attended.

The meeting put forward the following requirements for CCIA to improve its services:

  • Serve the national cybersecurity strategy;
  • Serve the needs of the government and enterprises, and match the needs of local governments with those of enterprises;
  • Serve the public, focus on solving key issues of public concern, and assume more social responsibility;
  • Serve well and promote stronger ties among member organisations. Leverage the advantages of leading enterprises, share resources with SMEs, and form a good ecosystem for industrial development.

The meeting also reviewed and approved CCIA’s priorities for 2020, which were then published on CCIA’s website (see link below):

  • Build the CCIA brand and extend the influence of the alliance;
  • Establish a bridge of dialogue and coordination between government and enterprises;
  • Give full play to the role of think tanks, and strengthen research on top-level industrial design and strategy;
  • Strengthen industry-university cooperation, and launch the “University-Enterprise Cooperation in Education” project;
  • Encourage innovation and select excellences;
  • Continue to strengthen CCIA’s capacities, and improve the quality of its services.


CCIA is a non-profit organisation initiated and established by representative enterprises of China’s cybersecurity industry on a voluntary basis. Strongly supported by the Cyberspace Administration of China, CCIA aims to:

  • Create a sound environment for the development of the cybersecurity industry;
  • Protect China’s national cybersecurity and users’ interests; and
  • Promote the expansion and strengths of the cybersecurity industry.

The original Chinese version of the news is available on the official website of CESI: 2020 first meeting of the Standing Council of the China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance held in Beijing.

The full text, in Chinese, of CCIA’s 2020 priorities is available on CCIA’s website: Alliance’s 2020 Priorities.

By Haley WU on 22 July, 2020