2019 Key Points for Standardization of Intelligent Connected Vehicles


On May 15, the Equipment Industry Division of MIIT released the “2019 Key points for standardization of intelligent connected vehicles “.

It pointed out the main standarization tasks in 2019, as follows,

  1. Implement the “Guide on the construction of the national standard system for Internet of vehicles (Intelligent connected vehicles)“, which presented the whole ICV standard system framework, and the “Framework agreement for cooperation on C-V2X standards”, which aims at promoting the application of C-V2X in automobile and transportation system.
  2. speed up the formulation of general standards and urgently needed standards for the industry
  3. Promote standard formulation on key technologies, such as advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), automatic driving, information security and network communication.
  4. participate in international standardization: it is planned to perform the duties of the Working Group of Automatic Driving Vehicles under the framework of UN WP29, track the developments of ISO/TC22 on road vehicles, participate in the planning of the Automatic Driving Ad Hoc Group (ADAG), and perform  the convener duties of the SC33/WG9 on automatic driving test scenarios. The exchange and cooperation mechanism of countries along the “Belt and Road ” Initiative route should also be established.