20/04/2018 SAMR(China) released the first batch of Green Product Assessment Standard List and Certification Catalog

On 18 April 2018, the SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation in China) released the notice on the issuance of the green product assessment standard list and certification catalog.

As issued in the notice, “wood-based panels and wooden flooring “, “coating material “, “sanitary wares”, “building glass”, “solar water heating system”, “furniture”, “thermal insulation material”, “waterproof materials and sealants”, “ceramics tiles(board)”, “textile products”, “wood plastic composites products ” and “paper and paper products”,  a total of 12 products are listed in the green product assessment standard list and certification catalog.

The reference standards for the first batch of 12 products are as follows:

NO Reference Standards Name Certification Catalog
1 GB/T 35601-2017 Green product assessment—Wood-based panels and wooden flooring Wood-based panels and wooden flooring
2 GB/T 35602-2017 Green product assessment—Coating material Coating material
3 GB/T 35603-2017 Green product assessment—Sanitary wares  

Sanitary wares

4 GB/T 35604-2017 Green product assessment—Building glass Building glass
5 GB/T 35606-2017 Green product assessment—Solar water heating system Solar water heating system
6 GB/T 35607-2017 Green product assessment—Furniture Furniture
7 GB/T 35608-2017 Green product assessment—Thermal insulation Thermal insulation material
8 GB/T 35609-2017 Green product assessment—Waterproof materials and sealants Waterproof materials and sealants
9 GB/T 35610-2017 Green product assessment—Ceramics tiles(Board) Ceramics tiles(Board)
10 GB/T 35611-2017 Green product assessment—Textile products Textile products
11 GB/T 35612-2017 Green product assessment—Wood plastic composites products Wood plastic composites products
12 GB/T 35613-2017 Green product assessment—Paper and paper products Paper and paper products