20/03/2018 Ten Ministries jointly released the Guiding Opinions for Fostering and Developing the Standardisation Service Industry

The guiding opinions proposed 6 key tasks for the development of the industry

  • Cultivation of standardization service providers, including commonweal standardization development institutes, secretariats of TCs, consultation companies, large enterprises, standardization service offices, etc.
  • Improvement of standardization service eco-system, such as resource integration of standardization service institutes, enhancement of standardization service system, digitalization, “Internet Standard” service, etc.
  • Integration of standardization service industry and technical innovation, brand cultivation, measurement, test and inspection, certification and accreditation. Meanwhile, to explore the integration of standardization service industry with financing and accredit enhancement assert cover, financial lease, government procurement, etc.
  • Construction of good market environment. It requires to improve legislation, standard, accredit systems, as well as in- and after-event supervision mechanism.
  • Pilot projects and demonstrations of standardization service industry.
  • Internationalization of standardization service industry.