1st International Standard on Quantum Computing approved


In May, 2020, SAC announced that China’s proposal for an international standard, Information Technology – Quantum Computing – Terms and Vocabulary, was successfully approved by the first joint Technical Committee of ISO/IEC (ISO/IEC JTC 1), and is the first international standard project in the field of quantum computing.

CESI (China Electronics Standardization Institute) is responsible for researching and putting forward this international standard proposal, and on October 29, 2019, decided to submit the standard project approval materials to ISO/IEC JTC 1 as soon as possible. Information Technology – Quantum Computing – Terms and Vocabulary stipulates the common terms and vocabulary in the field of quantum computing, which will contribute to the understanding and communication of related concepts of quantum computing, and has important guiding significance for promoting the improvement of advanced computing technology systems represented by quantum computing, key technology breakthroughs, software and hardware product research and development, and industrialization.


In recent years, SAC has been actively promoting the standardization of quantum computing.

The original Chinese version of the news is available on the official website of SAC: Proposal Approval of the 1st International Standard on Quantum Computing.

By Haley WU on June 23, 2020