19/03/19 CNCA issued notice on standards adjustment for Automobile CCC

On 13th March, CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration) issued notice on standards adjustment for Automobile CCC (China Compulsory Certification). 9 new standards are added:

  • GB 19260-2016 Structure Requirements of Low Floor City-bus and Low Entry City-bus
  • GB 22757.2-2017 energy consumption label for light-duty vehicles- part 2: for off-vehicle-chargeable hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles
  • GB 26149-2017 Performance requirements and test methods of tire pressure monitoring system for passenger cars
  • GB 34655-2017 Specifications for extinguishing equipment arrangement in bus
  • GB 34659-2017 Requirements and test methods relating to the spray-suppression systems of motor vehicles and their trailers
  • GB 34660-2017 Road vehicles—Requirements and test methods of electromagnetic compatibility
  • GB 36220-2018 Safety technical requirements of oil transport tankers and refueling tankers
  • GB/T 34657.2-2017 Interoperability test specifications of electric vehicle conductive charging—Part 2Vehicle
  • GB/T 34658-2017 Conformance test for communication protocols between off-board conductive charger and battery management system for electric vehicle

The detailed implementation of certification are summarized as follow:

1. Since 12th March, 2019, the corresponding the Implementing Rules for Compulsory Certification – Automobile (CNCA-C11-01) and the Description and Definition Form of Compulsory Certification Catalogue (No. 45 2014), shall add the standards listed to carry out the certification according to the relevant standards.

2. Former products certificates issued can be used for one year from March 12, 2019. Enterprises can carry out certificate conversion in advance. Transition methods such as expired certificate exchange, standard certificate exchange, product change, etc. shall be carried out in accordance with the Announcement of Relevant Requirements for the Revision of Compulsory Certification Standards (No. 4, 2012). If the product fails to meet the requirements within time limit, the designated certification agency should deal with it in accordance with the requirements of the Compulsory Certification Management Regulations (Decree No. 117).

3. For automobile in possession of CCC, if no additional test items are needed, the new version certificate can be directly replaced without further tests; if there are new test items, additional tests shall be carried out and the new version certificate shall be replaced after the test; if the relevant products have been manufactured, sold or imported before the end of the transition period, old version certificate is still effective in the course of sales

4. Each designated certification agency and laboratory shall report to the CNCA before 30 June 2019 the revised implementation rules, the newly incorporated standard testing capability and the accreditation of laboratory qualification