13/06/2018 “Big-data Report for National Standard Drafting Organizations -2017” is published

On 29th May, 2018” the Second Standard Big-data Service and Development Seminar” was jointly held by China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) and National Standard Literature Sharing Infrastructure (NSSI) in Beijing. In Accordance with the theme of” New Time, New Data and New Facilitation”, “the Big-data Report for National Standard Drafting organizations -2017” was issued publicly.

The big-data report summarized the formulation and formation of National standard (2001-2016) and Ministry-level standards (2001-2015) and stated a 5.5% annual average growth rate of national standards, meanwhile a 12.2% growth rate of drafting organizations involved. The quantity of national standard dominated primarily by enterprises increased significantly. In 2016 enterprises’ participant index and drafting organizations’ number reached more than 50% surpassing that of research institutes for the first time in China.

The big-data report is the second version published dominantly by NSSI. NSSI is one of the 28 national technical resource sharing platforms authorized by both Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Ministry of Finance (MoF). NSSI provides networked, digital, personalized and “on stop” public welfare services for standard information.

For detailed news http://www.most.gov.cn/kjbgz/201806/t20180607_139881.htm

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