12/04/19 Key Points of Certification, Accreditation, Inspection and Testing in 2019

On 1st April, CNCA issued the key points of certification, accreditation, inspection and testing in 2019. According to the risk level, the examination and approval items are classified and managed by means of canceling approval, informing commitment, self-declaration and optimizing access services. CNCA points to:

  • Cancel Product Quality Inspection Authority Authorization (CAL)
  • Simplify the procedure of examination and approval, cancel the application materials submitted and duplicated certificates at the time of registration
  • Reduce the time limit of examination and approval from 45 working days to 20 working days
  • Reduce the time limit of qualification confirmation and approval from 30 working days to 22 working days
  • Abolish the Special Administrative Measures for the Access of Foreign Capital Certification Agencies and Implement National Treatment 
  • Further transfer products with relatively standardized industry management, controlled product quality and less direct contact with consumers out of the CCC certification catalogue, continue to expand the scope of implementation of self-declaration evaluation methods, and local market supervision departments will undertake the acceptance, issuance and follow-up supervision of “exemption from compulsory product certification”.
  • Improve the authentication system for key network equipment and special products for network security, and study and establish data security management and mobile Internet application authentication systems.
  • Improve the national conformity assessment technology and standards system, actively participate in international conformity assessment standardization activities, and strive to lead the formulation of 1-2 international standards.           
  • Consolidate and deepen bilateral fixed mechanism cooperation between China and Europe, China and Germany, China, Russia and China and South Korea to further enhance mutual trust
  • Promote the negotiation of Mutual Accreditation of electronic and electrical products, accelerate the negotiation of Mutual Accreditation and upgrading of electronic and electrical products and non-electrical products with New Zealand, and initiate the negotiation of Mutual Accreditation of the results of conformity assessment with Canada.
  • Cooperation with EU, Korea, Japan and other countries and regions on capacity verification projects;
  • Promote good laboratory specifications (GLP) in the field of chemicals and mutual recognition of test data and results should be promoted.           
  • Develop the vision and action implementation plan for jointly promoting certification and Accreditation Service “one belt and one road” (2019-2021) to promote international cooperation and participate in international activities.           
  • Revise the Regulations on Certification and Accreditation; develop the Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Inspection and test Institutions