08/05/2018 The Action Plan of Smart Photovoltaic Industry Development (2018-2020) released

Six ministries jointly released The Action Plan of Smart Photovoltaic Industry Development (2018-2020) on 11 April 2018.


The objectives of The Action Plan of Smart Photovoltaic Industry Development (2018-2020) focus on:


  • Enhance the level of smart manufacturing in the industry, promote the intelligent upgrade of photovoltaic basic materials, advanced solar cell and component production, and increase the full-cycle information management level of photovoltaic products;
  • Improve the supply capabilities of smart photovoltaic products and technology. The application of intelligent photovoltaic products, intelligent integration and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems can effectively improve the design capability of photovoltaic systems, increase power generation, and reduce construction and maintenance costs. It is an important way to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation;
  • Jointly with relevant ministries and commissions, promote the application demonstration of special industries, such as smart photovoltaic industrial parks, smart photovoltaic buildings and towns, smart photovoltaic traffic, smart photovoltaic agriculture, smart photovoltaic power plants, and smart PV applications for poverty alleviation,
  • Improve the development environment of the smart photovoltaic industry, establish a smart photovoltaic technology standard system, and speed up the construction of smart photovoltaic public service platforms such as research and development, testing and certification, technology services, and incubators.


The implementation measures of The Action Plan of Smart Photovoltaic Industry Development (2018-2020) are as follows:


  • Strengthen organizational coordination and policy coordination. The six ministries will establish a coordination mechanism and work together to form a joint force. At the same time, they will give full play to the strength of local competent authorities to ensure that the measures in the action plan are put in place.
  • Promote smart PV pilot applications. Cultivate a number of national smart PV demonstration companies, support the construction of smart photovoltaic projects with certain industries, explore advanced models for smart photovoltaic construction and strengthen national promotion.
  • Increase diversified capital investment. Establish an industrial development fund for smart photovoltaic industry and guide multi-party capital to promote the development of smart photovoltaic industry. Make full use of multiple channels to increase support for the smart photovoltaic industry.

Promote the orderly development of the photovoltaic market. Gradually improve the systems related to standards testing and certification, establish a directory of smart photovoltaic products and services, and strengthen training services for consumers such as trade associations and intermediary agencies.