16/04/2018 MIIT Legislation Work Plan (2018) released

MIIT released the work plan on 4 April 2018, and the following tasks shall be completed within the year:

Regulation formulation/revision (7):

  1. Regulations on the Quality Supervision of Communication Construction Projects (Revised) (Department of Policies and Regulations, Department of Information and Communication Development)
  2. Administrative Measures for the Security Assessment of New Internet Business (Department of Policy and Regulation, Network Security Administration)
  3. Implementation Measures for the Manufacturing Licenses of Civil Explosives (Revised) (Department of Policies and Regulations, Safety Production Division)
  4. Administrative Rule of Monitored Chemicals of the People’s Republic of China (Department of Policies and Regulations, Production Safety Division)
  5. Administrative Measures for the Access Permits for Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Products (Policies and Regulations Division, Equipment Industry Division)
  1. Administrative Measures for Satellite Radio Frequency and Space Radio Station (Department of policy and regulations, radio administration)
  1. Administrative Measures for the Supervision of Industrial Energy Saving (Department of Policies and Regulations, Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Division)


Regulation Proposals (18)


  1. Administrative Measures for MIIT Standardization Technical Committees (Drafted by the Science and Technology Department)
  2. Administrative Measures for the Development of Standards of MIIT (Drafted by the Science and Technology Department)
  3. Administrative Measures for Responsible Persons of Energy Management in Key Energy-consuming Enterprises (Drafted by the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization)
  4. Implementation Measures for Sale Permission of Civil Explosives (Revised) (Drafted by the Production Safety Division)
  5. Administrative Rules on Chemical Classification and Placarding (Drafted by Raw Materials Industry Division)
  6. Regulations on the Information Security of Consumer Electronics Products (Drafted by Electronic Information Division)
  7. Measures for Technical Level Identification of dual-use Electronic Components (Drafted by Electronic Information Division)
  8. Administrative Measures for Industrial Information Security (Drafted by Informatization and Software Service Industry)
  9. Administrative Measures for Internet Access Services (Drafted by Information and Communications Administration and Network Security Administration)
  10. Administrative Measures for new telecommunication services (Drafted by the Information and Communications Administration)
  11. Rules on Regulating the Market Order of Internet Information Services (Revised) (Drafted by Information and Communications Administration)
  12. Regulations on Administrative Penalty Procedures for Communication Industry (Revised) (Drafted by the Information and Communications Administration Bureau, Department of Policies and Regulations)
  13. Administrative Measures for Communication Network Security (Revision) (Drafted by Network Security Administration)
  14. Administrative Rules on Radio Transmitter (Drafted by Radio Administration)
  15. Administrative Rules on Railway Radio (Drafted by Radio Administration)
  16. Administrative Rules on Radio Interruption Equipment (Drafted by Radio Administration)
  17. Administrative Rules on Ground Radio Service Station (Drafted by Radio Administration)
  18. Administrative Rules on Establishment of Satellite Communication Network and Earth Station (Revised) (Drafted by Radio Administration)