bettyDr Betty XU was born in China and got her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Shandong University of China, majored in Electrical Engineering. She then got her Doctor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in The University of Queensland of Australia in 2006.

Dr. Betty Xu had almost 10 years’ experience in industry, first as the software/hardware developer in an IT/Automation Company (from 2000-2002), R&D leader in a big household appliance company (2006-2008), then as the standards drafter, and standardization Director in a giant European electrical equipment manufacturer (2008-2013). Dr. Betty Xu migrated to Australia and had been working for Standards Australia since April 2013.

Dr. Betty Xu also had 8 years’ experience in Standardization and Technical Regulation. She was the drafting leader for several China national Standards and was involved in 2 IEC standards drafting.

Dr. Betty XU specially worked in the standardization area when she was the Standardization and Technical Regulation Director for North East Asia in Siemens Ltd China, from 2008 -2013. Her standardization work was focused on coordinating standardization activities in different areas, different organizations and different TCs. It also covered on promoting IEC and European standards in China, maintaining relevant government contacts to facilitate business, and fostering cooperation between European industry and China governmental ministries.

Dr. Betty Xu was also the Chairperson for Conformity Assessment and Standardization Working Group China of European Chamber of Commerce in China, from 2010-2012.
After working for industry for almost 10 years, Dr. Betty Xu had the chance to work in a national standards developing organization, Standards Australia, in 2013. Where she gained more experience and more understanding of the well-developed economy and its standards development strategy, scheme and process.

Dr. Betty XU was appointed as the “Seconded European Standardization Expert in China” (SECEC IV) in April 2018. With her strong industry experience, her rich knowledge in China/European/International standardization, her understanding on Standards developing organization’s operation mechanism and industry requirements, Dr. Betty XU believes that she will well facilitate this SESEC III project and make more achievements with this position.



Mr. Paolo Yue, SESEC operational manager, native Chinese while speaking fluent English and Italian, was graduated from Loughborough University of United Kingdom with MSc. Environment science and technology.

Since 2002, Mr. Yue has ever worked for

Ministry of Ecology and Environment, as automobile exhaust emission control engineer and officer;

Italian and Chinese environment-protection technical companies, as project manager or area manager of technology and international cooperation;

European Union Small and Medium Enterprises Centre in China (EU-SMEs centre), Specialist of Market access and standards/conformity

With 15 years professional experiences of research and analysis on policies, regulation, standardization and also technologies and products, Mr Yue acknowledges intimately access to both China and Europe and Chinese & European tradition and convention with excellent communication and international cooperation skills in multiple culture circumstance.

For Seconded European Standardization Expert Office (SESEC) currently, Mr. Yue takes responsibility of the investigation, research and analysis of the entire China’s standardization, regulation and policies defined by European Commission, European Free Trade Association, European Committee for Standardization (CEN), European Committee for Electro technical Standardization (CENELEC), (European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI), including:

  • ICT & IT, information and cyber security;
  • Environmental protection and energy-saving;
  • Medicine and medical devices;
  • China compulsory certification (CCC) and Production licensing;
  • Conformity, certification and test,
  • Electrical & electronic products and etc.

In parallel, Mr. Paolo Yue is also in charge of introduction, explanation and propagation of the European Standardization System, European Standardization Organizations to Chinese related competent ministries, counterparts and stakeholder.

Principally, the routine work includes:

  • China standardization and standards issues updated
  • Daily Q&A and inquiry services to European stakeholders
  • China Standardization Newsletters, webinars 
  • Meeting, conference, seminar and forum with China authorities, partners, stakeholders
  • Meeting, conference, seminar forum and workshop with European partners and Standardization organizations, involving operation, assistance, interpretation and translation

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