SAC and MCA issued “management regulations on association standards”

On 18th January, SAC and MCA (Ministry of Civil Affairs) jointly issued “management regulations on association standards” to replace the previous trial of 2017. SESEC team translated the new regulations and laid out changes and comparisons.

  • Article 7: It is encouraged for social groups to participate in international standardization activities and promote the internationalization of association standards;
  •  Article 12: The technical requirements for association standards shall not be lower than the relevant technical requirements for mandatory standards;
  • Article 13: The formulation of association standards shall meet the needs of the market and innovation, focus on new technologies, new industries, new business types and new models, and fill standard gaps. China encourages social groups to develop association standards with technical requirements higher than relevant technical requirements of the recommended standards; encourages the development of association standards in line with international leading standards;
  • Article 28: If the implementation of association standard is effective and meets the requirements of national standards, sectoral standards or local standards, the association standard issuing agency may apply for converting such association standard to national standards, sectoral standards or local standards;
  • Article 29: It is encouraged for all departments and local governments to apply association standards in works such as industrial policy formulation, administrative management, government procurement, social management, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation, and bidding;
  • Article 40 : Using association standards to exclude or restrict market competition shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws and administrative regulations.

the English version can be downloaded via links below:

SESEC IV Management Regulations on Association Standards 201901018