20/10/2017 MIIT called for comments on 2 sectoral standards


On 20 October 2017, MIIT called for comments on 2 sectoral standards:“Specification for adaptability of welding process for lead – free components” (draft for approval) and “Lead – free solder – Chemical analysis method – Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry ” (draft for approval ). The comments collection will last from 20 October to 20 November. For more information … Continued

17/10/2017 AQSIQ and SAC published four standards in smart city


The topic of the “World Standards Day” this year is ‘Standards make cities smarter’. In the thematic activity for “World Standards Day”held in Beijing on 15, October 2017, AQSIQ and SAC published four standards in smart city: GB/T 34678-2017, “Smart city—Technical reference model”. GB/T 34680.1-2017, “Evaluation model and general evaluation indicator system for smart cities—Part … Continued

11/10/2017 MIIT called for comments on 5 communication sectoral standards and 3 communication national standards


On 11 October 2017, MIIT called for comments on 5 communication sectoral standards including “Evaluation Requirements for the supporting capability for innovation and startup of ICT Enterprises” (draft for approval), and 3 communication national standards including “Test method for access network equipment- EPON interoperability ” (draft for approval ). The comments collection will last from 11 October to 11 November. For more information … Continued

09/10/2017 New Smart City Standardization Conference held in Shenyang


The New Smart City Standardization Conference, organized by the National Smart City Standardization General Working Group and China Electronics Standardization Institute, took place on 23 September 2017. The conference discussed the key standards of the new smart city, the application of the evaluation index and the excellent practice in cities, and published the research report … Continued

27/9/2017 SAC and MIIT called for comments on a new mandatory standard.


On 25 September 2017, SAC and MIIT called for comments on a new mandatory standard: Brake Linings for Automobiles (draft for approval), and a revised mandatory standard: Common Portland Cement (draft for approval ). The comments collection will last from 25 September to 25 October. More information please click here: http://zmhd.miit.gov.cn:8080/opinion/noticedetail.do?method=notice_detail_show&noticeid=1846

25/9/2017 SAC and MIIT call for comments on the Construction of National Connected Vehicles Standard System


On 25 September 2017, SAC and MIIT drafted a series of documents on Construction of National Connected Vehicles Standard System, including the general requirements, connected vehicle, communication, electronics and information service etc. The drafts are open to public to collect comments until 24th October. More information please click here: http://zmhd.miit.gov.cn:8080/opinion/noticedetail.do?method=notice_detail_show&noticeid=1845

22/9/2017 The 14th China Standardization Forum in Haikou


Sponsored by China Association for Standardization (CAS), co-organized by Quality and Technology Supervision of Hainan Province, the 14th China Standardization Forum was held in Haikou, Hainan Province on 21 September, 2017. The theme of this forum is “fully implement the standardization strategy to advance economic and social reform and development” .   More than 400 … Continued

18/9/2017 SESEC held the Seminar on RoHS Conformity Assessment


On September 14, 2017, SESEC held a seminar on RoHS conformity assessment in Beijing. A total of more than 20 experts and representatives from ZVEI and GIZ in Germany, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China(MIIT), Certification and Accreditation Administration of China(CNCA), China Electrical Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA), China Academy of Information and Communication Technology(CAICT), China Electronic Standardization Institute(CESI), Fifth Institute of electronics of … Continued

13/9/2017 The first cooperation on Network Security Conformity Assessment between China and German.


  Sponsored by Certification and Accreditation Administration, German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and China Information Security Certification Center, the China – German Symposium on Information Security Assessment was successfully held in Beijing on September 11th, 2017.It is the first time for China and German to start network security conformity assessment cooperation, which attracted … Continued

12/9/2017 International Symposium on Standards Essential Patent (SEP) in Beijing


Sponsored by the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, the International Symposium on Standards Essential Patent was held in Beijing on September 8, 2017. With wide concerns, the meeting attracted nearly 200 participants from standardization and IP stakeholders around the world. In the first subject of the meeting, i.e. “Global … Continued

11/9/2017 Seminar on Re- Manufacturing of Medical Imaging Equipment in Beijing


Sponsored by the COCIR, the seminar was held to facilitate communication between Chinese and Foreign medical device stakeholders in Tsinghua University on September 8, 2017. Representatives of MIIT, MEP, Remanufacturing Technology National Key Laboratory, EU delegation, SESEC, FDA China office, Basel convention Asia-pacific center, China Association for Medical Devices Industry, as well as China’s medical … Continued

07/09/2017 Third batch of national standards make available for the public


SAC recently made available a new batch of national standards for public access. It inclouded 1394 standards, and most of them were recommended national standards in management, security, environment protection, and sanitation. Plused with the 23209 national standards in prior two batch made available for public access,  there have already been 24603 national standards completed … Continued

01/09/2017 MIIT abolishes 1 mandatory and 7 recommended sectoral standards in food additive


MIIT published a notice on 30 August to abolish 8 food additive sectoral standards, including 1 mandatory standards and 7 recommended standards. The mandatory standard is QB 2484-2000 food additive – pectin, and other 7 recommended standards include bergmeal, XSE, polyoxyethylene xylitan monostearate, betanin, goldenrod, black soya bean red pigment, and ionosine-5′-monophosphate(IMP).

28/08/2017 WRC2017 Standardization Thematic Forum in Beijing


The WRC2017 Standarization Thematic Forum was held during the World Robot Conference, on 24 August. The forum discussed the core issues in robot standardization, such as robot ethics, robot interoperability, robot functional security, etc. In addtion, the closing ceremony released 7 association standards in the areas of space robots and fiber core switches robots.

23/08/2017 CCSA 2017 Team Leader Work Meeting


CCSA convened the 2017 team leader work meeting yesterday. Ms.Dai Hong, director-general of New&High Technology Dept of SAC, and Mr. Sha Nansheng, deputy director-general of Science&Technology Dept of MIIT attended the meeting. CCSA honorary president, Mr. Xi Guohua made special report. CCSA executive vice secretary-general, Ms. Dai Xiaohui made the introduction of the construction of … Continued

22/08/2017 A Breakthrough in the Internationalization of Electric Automobile Charging Facility Standard


In the beginning of 2017, IEC approved the standard proposal of “charging roam service data interactive for electric automobile ” and established the WG9 to draft the standard. On 16 June, the WG held its first meeting in Beijing, and the standard project was officially launched in the meeting. The standard involves identification and authentication, charging information … Continued

21/08/2017 AQSIQ and SAC release 515 national standards


Recently, AQSIQ and SAC approved and released 515 national standards, involving public security, information technology, article numbering, daily consumption, and space exploration. In addtion, these standards also included 10 English vsersions of national standard, including LED lighting, High voltage DC transmission equipment, sea water desalination and industrial vehicle, which will contribute to the “Belt and Road” … Continued

ETSI in 2017 Cybersecurity Summit


On 27th July, 2017, at the invitation of the Alibaba Group, Charles Brookson, chairman of the ETSI Cybersecurity Technical Committee, visited China for the 2017 Cybersecurity Summit, and presented a speech of “ETSI and Cybersecurity standard” in the meeting. In his speech, Charles introduced the ETSI organization, ETSI’s achievements in Cybersecurity and the focuses of ETSI’s … Continued

CENELEC President in Qingdao International Standardization Forum


Invited by the Qingdao International Standardization Forum, CENELEC President, Dr. Bernhard Thies visited China and delivered a keynote speech of the “Standards make cities smarter” in the forum on 28 June 2017. In the speech, Dr. Thies firstly introduced the unique standardization system in Europe for the audiences. After indicated the role of standards in … Continued

ETSI delegation visit in China


From 7 to 8 June 2017, an ETSI delegation, composed of DG of ETSI Mr. Luis-Jorge ROMERO,and Director of ETSI Strategy Development Department Ms. Margot DOR, had a fruitful visit to China.The delegation met with a number of strategic Chinese stakeholders, such as CAC, CESI and CCSA. The exchanges brought a better understanding in current … Continued

CEN-CENELEC delegation visit in China


From 15 to 19 May 2017, CENCENELEC delegation, including DG of CEN-CENELEC Ms. Elena Santiago Cid,CEN President of Board Mr. Vincent Laflèche, and Director of CEN External Relations Department Ms. Sarah Penny, came to China for a five-day visit. During the period, the delegation visited the following Chinese stakeholders: MIIT, SAC, CESI, CNIS, CEEIA, as … Continued

SESEC Roundtable Meeting Discusses Cybersecurity Standards


On 12 May 2017, SESEC convened a Cybersecurity Standard Roundtable Meeting. More than 20 experts, scholars, and representatives from enterprises in cybersecurity field attended the meeting. The theme of the meeting was the new Cybersecurity Law, relevant standards and their influences, and experts from UNI-PARTNER, SIEMENS and ORACLE shared their understandings and analysis on the … Continued

SESEC Participates in a Series of Activities to Promote European Standardization


From 27 to 31 March 2017, the Seconded European Standardization Expert in China (SESEC) was invited to participate in a series of activities of standardization. During the period, SESEC introduced the audience the European standardization system and European standardization practices. On 27 March, Dr. Xu of SESEC introduced European product quality infrastructure system and European … Continued

Workshop on European Standardization Attracts Wide Participation


From 16 to 17 March 2017, China Association forStandardization (CAS) held its first workshop on European Standardization in Chengdu. Seconded EuropeanStandardization Expert in China (SESEC) was invited as the keynote speaker to attend the seminar. In the meeting, Dr. Betty Xu,directorof SESEC, and Ms. Mandy Luo elaborated on the European Standardization system, including inter alia, … Continued

SESEC Webinar on IoT Standardization in Europe and China


Supported by government policies, China has seen rapid development in IoT over the recent years. Being home to more than 730 million M2M connections, which accounts for 30% of global M2M connections, China maintained its globally leading position in IoT market. With a year-on-year growth rate at 46%, M2M connections in China keeps increasing, and … Continued

SESEC roundtable meeting on the National Plan to Improve the Standards and Quality for Manufacturing Equipment


SESEC organised a roundtable meeting and invited Deputy Director of Department of Industry I to elaborate on the National Plan to Improve the Standards and Quality for Manufacturing Equipment. SESEC roundtable is an effective platform for regulators and industry players to gather around and communicate face-to-face on specific issues related to standardization. It’s also an … Continued

SESEC participated in the 2016 SAC/TC 124 Plenary


SESEC assistant attended the 2016 SAC/TC 124 (industrial process measurement, control and automation) Plenary meeting and presented EU regulatory and Standardization system to the TC members. SAC/TC124 has been heavily involved shaping the national standardization system for intelligent manufacturing. TC 124 members demonstrated big interests in getting to better understand the EU standardization model.

SESEC participated in the Forum on “Hubei Enterprises Go Global”


SESEC expert participated in the Forum organised by Hubei Standardization Institute and joined the panel discussion on Hubei Enterprises Go Global. SESEC expert reinforced the importance of international and EU standards to local companies when entering the EU and global markets. The role of EU standardization was better understood as a useful tool supporting and … Continued

19 October SESEC SESEC gave a lecture to students majoring in standardization studies from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law


SESEC expert was invited by Hubei Standardization Institute to present on the EU regulatory framework and standardization system to local companies which export their products to the EU market. The participants were very interested in getting to know the EU standardization system, and came to realise the importance of international and EU standards in global … Continued

20 September Standardization for Next Generation Information Technology Forum organised by China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) in Zhejiang


Issues like IT industry development trend, demand for standardization, and standardization priorities are addressed at the Forum, which attracted 400 participants from both public and private sectors. MIIT and SAC officials attended the event and delivered keynote speech. SESEC expert was invited to present EU regulatory and standardization system with a focus on IT standardization … Continued

19 September China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association (CEEIA) Seminar on Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) in Beijing


SESEC expert attended the seminar on LVDC standardization, and was invited to present EU regulatory and standardization system as well as introduced EU experience in LVDC standardization. China has developed interests in the standardization of LVDC recently, and the participating experts of the seminar contributed to the standards-driven deployment of LVDC distribution networks. SESEC expert … Continued

Welcome to the workshop organized by CEN and CENELEC to find out how the Seconded European Standardization Experts in China and India support European industries


  Dear Madam, Dear Sir, We are pleased to invite you to a workshop organized by CEN and CENELEC to find out how the Seconded European Standardization Experts in China and India support European industries. The Seconded European Standardization Experts: Mrs Betty XU, in China (SESEC) and Mr Dinesh CHAND SHARMA, in India (SESEI) will … Continued

Call for Comments: NIFDC has published six call for comments on Cosmetics


  NIFDC has published six call for comments on the following subjects, and the deadline is 31 March.   http://www.nifdc.org.cn/CL0831/7869.html   1 Cosmetics Acrylamide Testing Method (draft), revised description and explanation 2 Cosmetic Formaldehyde Testing Method (draft), revised description and explanation 3 Cosmetics Iodopropynyl Butyl Carbamate (IPBC) Testing Method (draft), drafting notes and explanation 4 … Continued

Public Comments Sought for Administrative Measures for Industrial Energy Conservation


In order to enhance the administration of industrial energy conservation, improve the system for the administration of industrial energy conservation, continuously increase energy utilization efficiency, advance green, low-carbon and cyclic development and promote the construction of ecological civilization, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is seeking public comments on the “Administrative Measures for Industrial … Continued

NIFDC published six call for comments on Cosmetics Issues


  Dear SESEC Parterners and stakeholders, Please note that NIFDC published six call for comments on the following subjects, and deadline is 31 March. http://www.nifdc.org.cn/CL0831/7869.html 1 cosmetics acrylamide testing method (draft), revised description and explanation 2 cosmetic formaldehyde testing method (draft), revised description and explanation 3 cosmetics iodopropynyl butyl carbamate (IPBC) testing method (draft), drafting notes … Continued

Guidelines on Smart Manufacturing Standards System Released


The Guidelines for Standards System Development on Smart Manufacturing (2015 version) was jointly released by MIIT and SAC at the end of 2015. SAC Vice-Administrator Yin Minghan interpreted the contents of the Guidelines in the follow aspects: ·the denotation and connotation of standardization on smart manufacturing ·the standards development on smart manufacturing ·the standards on … Continued

National NQI Program to Stress Standards Researches


MOST issues the guide for application of 2016 key special projects under the national key research program on National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) on February 19, 2016, which stresses researches on standards through 19 related projects. The NQI Program is jointly raised by MOST, AQSIQ, SAC and other 12 relevant ministries and departments organizations, including 11 … Continued

Workshop on EU and China Regulatory Framework


The Workshop on EU and China Regulatory Framework was held in Beijing at the end of 2015, which highlighted “innovation, regulatory compliance and role of standards”. The event welcomed the representatives from AQSIQ, SAC, CNCA, CNIS, Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry in European Commission, delegation from EU and European enterprises. During the event, the representatives … Continued

New €28 million call (200 million RMB) issued by MOST to step up EU-China Research and Innovation Cooperation


Further to the political agreement reached at the 2nd EU-China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue and the Summit of 29 June and the conclusions of the EU-China Joint Steering Committee on S&T Cooperation of 30 October, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has published the first call for proposals under the EU-China Co-Funding Mechanisms (CFM) for … Continued

2 industry standards in telecommunication field are about to be released.


LTE/CDMA/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Specification on Multimode, Dual SIM, Multiple Standby Terminals LTE/CDMA/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM(GPRS) Test Methodology of Multimode, Dual SIM, Multiple Standby Terminals 《LTE/CDMA/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM(GPRS)多模双卡多待终端设备技术要求》等2项通信行业标准报批公示 For more information, please click here (Please be noted that the follwing information is only available in Chinese)

5 national standards on electric vehicle will take effect on 1st January, 2016


5 national standards on electric vehicle will take effect on 1st January, 2016 DC charging coupler of electric vehicle AC charging coupler of electric vehicle Conductive charging system of electric vehicle Connection devices used in conductive charging of electric vehicle Communication protocol of electric vehicle 电动汽车充电五项新国标发布将于明年实施(2016年1月1日) (电动汽车交流充电接口、直流充电接口、传导充电系统、传导充电用连接装置和通信协议 五项标准) For more information, please click here (Please … Continued

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CEN and CENELEC Delegation Visits SAC


The delegation of European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), which was composed of 9 leaders including CEN President Mr. Friedrich Smaxwil, CENELEC President Mr. Tore Bloch Trondvold, CEN Vice-President Mr. Scott Steedman, CEN and CENELEC Director-General Mrs. Elena Santiago Cid, etc., visited SAC in Beijing on April 8. SAC Administrator … Continued

China-EU Standardization Working Group Meeting Held in BJ


The China-EU Standardization Working Group Meeting was held in Beijing on November 10 to discuss the bilateral cooperation on standardization and development. The meeting was attended by SAC Administrator Tian Shihong, Antti Peltomaki, Deputy Director-General of the Enterprise and Industry Directorate General of European Commission and the experts in the China-EU Standardization Working Group. Tian … Continued