SAC and MCA issued “management regulations on association standards”

On 18th January, SAC and MCA (Ministry of Civil Affairs) jointly issued “management regulations on association standards” to replace the previous trial of 2017. SESEC team translated the new regulations and laid out changes and comparisons. Article 7: It is encouraged for social groups to participate in international standardization activities and promote the internationalization of … Continued

11th standards promoting conference of electronic and information industry

On the 11th standards promoting conference on 9th January in Beijing, officials of MIIT presented that MIIT has approved 1808 ministerial level standards, endorsed 160 international standards proposals, 41 of those proposals have been approved in 2018. SESEC IV summarizes information as below: In 2019 it shall be important to enforce the top-level design of … Continued

GB/T: Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System-Assessment Guidance

On 28th December, GB/T23000-2017: Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System-Assessment Guidance is published officially by SAMR and SAC. The assessment guide points out clearly organization, process and auditing requirements. The new standard could be applied together with other 3 previous standards on integration of informatization and industrialization management system (GB/T23000-2017, GB/T23001-2017 and GB/T23002-2017)

TC260 published 17 draft national standards for public comments

On 26th December, TC260 (National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee) published draft national standard “cyber security: guide on health care information security” for public comments. The feedback shall be emailed to before the 26th of December, 2018. Meanwhile the feedback deadline for the other 16 national standards listed below is 11th February, 2019. “Information … Continued

CAC released “Measures on Financial Information Services”

On 26th December, CAC (Cyberspace Administration of China) released officially the “Measures on Financial Information Services” SESEC sorts pertinent explanation and analyzes as follow: The definition of “financial information services” complies with WTO’s related agreements; The measures if specification document aiming at detailed management and requirements; The services online need to be qualified inspected by … Continued

China released new policies to European Union

In December, the Peoples’ Republic of China released the document of policies to European Union for the third time after 2003 and 2014. The new policies state the cooperative blue map between China and EU in the near future. China welcome EU and European countries to join and develop “Belt & Road” and together further … Continued

IEC approved the first standard on informatization and industrialization integration

The plenary meeting and working group meeting of ITU-T SG20 (standardization Bureau of IEC) kicked off in Wuxi of Jiangsu Province, China. The informatization and industrialization integration standard, “Methodology for building Sustainable Capabilities during Enterprises’ Digital Transformation”, was approved officially and expected published on March 2019. The standard was developed by National Industry Cybersecurity Research … Continued

TC of informatization and industrialization integration Standardization set up 5 working groups

Under the guide of MIIT, national technical committee of informatization and industrialization integration Standardization set up 5 new working groups, the first batch. WG1: management system of informatization and industrialization integration WG6: industrial internet management WG7: industrial cybersecurity WG10: digitalization quality management WG14: new model of manufacture SESEC marks: the national TC established in June … Continued