National NQI Program to Stress Standards Researches

MOST issues the guide for application of 2016 key special projects under the national key research program on National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) on February 19, 2016, which stresses researches on standards through 19 related projects.

The NQI Program is jointly raised by MOST, AQSIQ, SAC and other 12 relevant ministries and departments organizations, including 11 key tasks and 35 sub-tasks to cover the fields of metrology, standards, conformity assessment, testing and inspection, accreditation and certification, and practical application, targeted to be completed in the next five years.
Standards researches, specifically related with 3 key tasks and 10 sub-tasks of the whole project, are expected to promote more than 100 Chinese standards going global and support the development of over 200 international standards as well as some 1,000 national standards on common infrastructure, social benefits and industrial commonalities.