CEN and CENELEC Delegation Visits SAC

The delegation of European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), which was composed of 9 leaders including CEN President Mr. Friedrich Smaxwil, CENELEC President Mr. Tore Bloch Trondvold, CEN Vice-President Mr. Scott Steedman, CEN and CENELEC Director-General Mrs. Elena Santiago Cid, etc., visited SAC in Beijing on April 8.

SAC Administrator Tian Shihong met the delegation. At the meeting, Tian briefed on China’s standardization work reform proposal, development planning of national standardization system (2014-2020), international standardization participation, etc; while the delegation introduced their latest information about “Ambitions 2020” for European standardization, European Standardization Law, key areas in European standardization field and so on.

The two sides exchanged views on cooperation agreement extension, Seconded European Standardization Expert for China (SESEC), international standardization cooperation as well as the adoption of European standards, reaching broad consensus on the cooperation priorities for next step.

CEN and CENELEC are two distinct private international non-profit organizations based in Brussels, whose close collaboration consolidated in 2010 by the creation of CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC). By setting common standards that are applied across the whole of the European single market, CEN and CENELEC bring together the national standards agencies of 33 countries and provide a platform for the development of European Standards and other technical specifications across a wide range of sectors.