15/06/2018 MIIT issued “Industry Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020)”and“2018 Work Plan of Industry Internet Special Working Group”

Industry Internet Special Working Group of MIIT published “Industry Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020)”and“2018 Work Plan” in June, the brief contents are as follows:

Target: to establish preliminarily infrastructure and industry system of industrial internet by the end of 2020, including:

  • reliable wide bandwidth, customized corporate extranet infrastructure coincident with IPv6 and Typical Corporate intranet reformation pattern;
  • Comprehensive and co-developmental industrial internet platform, periodical selection of around 10 multi-sectoral conglomerate platforms, to foster a series of independent corporate platform, test and inspection system and public services system, over 300,000 industrial enterprise users of Cloud Platform, over 300,000 industrial applications;
  • Security system and safety management mechanism for industrial internet, corporate intranet and identifier system, formulation of more than 10 relevant standards.

Mission Decompositions

No. Contents Responsible Parts
1 Infrastructure capacity promotion MIIT, NDRC and MOF
2 Establishment of identifier system MIIT, NDRC and MOF
3 Industrial Internet construction MIIT, MOF and SASAC
4 Core technology standards MIIT, SAC, MOST, SIPO and MOF
5 Raise of new pattern and formation MIIT, NDRC, SASAC,MOFCOM, SASTIND and MOF
6 Eco-industry co-development MIIT and MOST
7 Enhancement of safety and security MIIT, NDRC and MOF
8 Promotion of open collaboration MIIT
9 Overall promotion MIIT
10 Policies conduction MIIT, NDRC, SASAC,MOFCOM, SASTIND and MOF and all related departments


More Info: www.miit.gov.cn/n973401/n5993937/n5993958/c6211943/content.html